UBER Vietnam

UBER Vietnam asked Rice Creative to design its new identity, which main part was a kit of outfits for its motodrivers. The challenge was to give more visibility and relevance to the brand, and to be more appropriate to the riders and drivers needs. Bold and refined, high-tech and human, the new Uber identity stands out […]

SILO, launch campaign

SILO is a home delivery service for bulk food. Buying in bulk helps to reduce packaging and food waste: we only buy what we eat. To promote SILO and to engage people in a more responsible consumption, the launch campaign is based on the concept of sensoriality, and introduce bulk food in Paris as an experience. […]

SILO, visual identity, website and app

Brand identity, website and app design for SILO, the first home delivery service for bulk & organic food in Paris.The logo refers to the jars used to storage food. The typeface, industrial yet warm, communicate about a system rather than on an ecological food consumption. The webdesign is very functional, to guide people in their […]

LOW – diploma report

LOW – Who can do more can do less. The ecological problem has become a global emergency: our environmental footprint is increasing while we are always looking for more — more products, brands, entertainment, money…  We need to change our lifestyles to learn to do with “less”. But, how to reduce our environmental footprint through our consumption, or our […]

La Dalle

La Dalle is a graphic design studio involved in designing solutions for actual concerns, such as social or environmental problems. La Dalle focuses on partnerships with new actors and initiatives, and design — with them and for them — global identities and communication campaigns. Its identity, created in ‘la Dalle des Olympiades’, reflects its human-focused values and its dynamism. La Dalle […]

Le trophée Presse Citron

Visual identity proposal for “Presse Citron”, the press illustration competition organised by the École Estienne and the BNF (French National Library). Project with Juliette Gouret, Claire Sarlin and Marine Strazielle. — Proposition d’identité visuelle pour le trophée Presse Citron, le concours national du dessin de presse organisé par l’école Estienne et la Bibliothèque nationale de France. En comparant l’impact […]

C’est toi le produit.

Street marketing project, to inform passerby on the dangers of Internet tracking. If a platform or a service on the Internet is free for you to use, so you’re the product: your personal information is sold. That’s not something you want, right? Project with Chloé Camille, Léo Michel and Alice Resseguier. — Action de street marketing pour informer les passants des […]

Discovering Oporto

“Discovering Oporto” is a city guide with three tours, containing informations, illustrations, and pictures about interesting place in Oporto, from the most famous to the unknown ones. This is a book that you can also fill: there is space to write, draw, glue your own pictures… For it to become a book about your own travel. […]

Les Hortillonnages d’Amiens

Visual identity and website for the Hortillonnages (floating gardens in Amiens). Based on the map of the gardens and on pictograms, the visual systems can be adapted to different needs in communication, informing on the kind and places of different events and attractions. Diploma project for the Bachelor in Graphic Design. — Projet de diplôme de BTS […]